02.02.19 - My auseinandersetzung wih still live painting continues. Take a look at my two newest pieces Nature Morte 004 & Nature Morte 003

04.01.19 - I will be performing my piece Loner4ever - a reading on January 19th at 20h in Helmut space in Leipzig. Come by!

Helmut website: http://helmut.space/en/

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1980384818922604/

04.12.18 - I newest pieces in my in my series of still lives are finished. Have a look at Nature Morte 002 & Nature Morte 001

07.10.18 - My piece Homie Flesh is briefly featured in this advertisement for Casper with Winnie Harlow. Have a peek https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vb6HJF7nrTI&app=desktop

02.10.18 - I’ve update my ever on-going self-portrait piece vincenthul.me with new photos from 2018, 2005, 1997 & 1992. Go and have a browse!

08.09.18 - My pieces Homie Flesh & Hot Homie Mess will be featured in the September Issue of A5 magazine

You can order a copy here https://a5zine.bigcartel.com/product/a5-magazine-18-september

06.09.18 -  My final piece in the Homie Erotic inspired series is done! Have a look at Calm for the Homie

29.08.18 - On Friday, August 31st, I'll be showing/selling just make me blush at Weserhalle from 7pm.  Come by and have a drink!

Press release: http://weserhalle.com/2010s-auction-selected-artists/ 

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/710581335959539/

11.07.18 - Save the date! My first year at the UdK is done. Come by the Rundgang (open house) from July 20th to the 22nd.  I will be showing parts of my Homie Erotic series of works in Room 66.  UdK address: Hardenbergstraße 33, 10623 Berlin

fb event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1782806821814568/

press release: https://www.udk-berlin.de/en/university/marketing-university-events/university-events/rundgang-open-days/

07.07.18 - Starting in October I will be joining the master class of Josephine Pryde at the UdK Berlin.  Excited for new beginnings!

07.06.18 - Lol What?! - a forum about writing on art, that I initiated with students at the UdK - is having it’s 1st exhibition on June 22nd in Argh Kunstraum.

Come by at 18h to Argh Kunstraum on Selchowerstr. 12, 12049 Berlin

Facebook event https://www.facebook.com/events/170667667109907/

06.06.18 - finished my newest Homie Erotic inspired work. check out Hot Homie Mess

15.05.18 - some of my work from the ‘Thermal Plates’ series is being featured in Average Art Magazine this month, buy a copy for yourself here: http://averageart.co.uk/

26.03.18 -  going back to colour for a minute.  just finished my newest work on aluminium inspired by Homie Erotic. check out Homie Flesh

14.02.18 -  new works, this time a bit more "painterly". check out thermal plate 009, thermal plate 010 & thermal plate 011

 02.01.18 - new year, new works! check out thermal plate 006, thermal plate 007 & thermal plate 008

27.11.17 - I will be doing another performance of loner4ever - a reading just in time for xmas as part of the lost in berlin art festival. A super cool collaboration with It's the vibe and his mobile gallery. Come see the performance  on Sunday December 17th.

Make SURE to reserve your FREE ticket here --> https://www.eventbrite.de/e/lost-48-hours-artfestival-ticke…

You won't be able to get in without a ticket!!

fb event https://www.facebook.com/events/180837239155648/

08.11.17 - three new pieces in my ongoing series of plate uniques are finished. checkout thermal plate 003thermal plate 004 & thermal plate 005

16.09.17 - I've updated my self-portrait web piece vincenthul.me. Updated as I choose, each with a title.   (*^3^) enjoy

31.08.17 - I will be doing a performance of my piece Loner4ever - a reading at the Drauszen Teater festival on Saturday September 9th in Leipzig. Come down and have a look-see. 

29.08.17 - Starting in October, I will pursue studies at the Universität der Künste Berlin UdK Berlin. Looking forward to new beginnings! 

01.08.17 - NEW BOOK launch party. The Homie Erotic is alive. Cum by and have a first hand look at the origin of my new character. A visual poem, sometimes absurd, sometimes true - exposing his conflict between masculinity and sexuality. N.B. This book is WAY more XXX than Loner4ever. 

A first limited edition of 25 will be for sale at the launch ~ 15 euros per book :) Oh and you can see him naked lots. 

Launch party is on Friday, August 18th at 7 pm
Studio Phibe Serphatik, Pappelallee 27, 10437 Berlin google maps 
DIRECTIONS: Ring Phi Berlin Serphat Isik - Walk through the door into the courtyard and take a left into the studio. 

18.07.17 - I will be performing my piece Loner4ever - a reading at the Alte Liebe Rostet Nicht festival on July 28th. Come down and have a cry :( 

27.06.17 - The 2nd work in my series of producing uniques is complete. Have a look (=^▽^)σ thermal plate 002 

21.05.17 - The loner 4 ever book is now available as an audio book. Stream it on Soundcloud. Download it on Bandcamp 

08.05.17 - The 1st work in my new series of producing uniques is complete. Have a look Σ('◉⌓◉’) thermal plate 001 

06.05.17 - The Loner4ever book is now sold out! 

03.05.17 - Loner4ever will be on sale at the Risofest Berlin on Friday May 5th. The book will be featured among a selection of books from the Outer Space Press. 

03.04.17 - A litho print of mine - cool - is briefly featured in this Panasonic advert. Check it out here 

19.03.17 - My book loner4ever will be sold at the it's a book independent publishing fair in the main hall of the HGB Leipzig on Saturday March 25th. You can find it in the Pogo Books stand. 

21.02.17 - I was featured on Artconnect Berlin. I was interviewed and filmed while working on my latest print. Take a look at the article and video here From Internet to Paper: Printing with Vincent Hulme 

01.01.17 - New year, new website.  Re-documented all my work and curated what I've featured online. Thanks for having a look!